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5:30 a.m.

Flat details down at EWR and I also wake with the jolt of this tires showing up in tarmac. Still groggy from liquor and resting capsules I got the night time prior to, we turn my phone on and send a message: “secured.”

6:30 a.m.

I text “At penn station” and give consideration to if I should grab a coffee on the road to the woman location or otherwise not.

6:50 a.m.

We get to her building. The doorman eventually recalls my name, after phoning me personally Julio the last twice (i’m perhaps not Julio). In the lift and at the woman home. She seems gorgeous — I’m speculating she slept in her beauty products by how built she looks. She actually is putting on a black satin nighty with her red-and-black-checked bra. My personal Monday-morning arrival from the red-eye from L.A. usually means we resolve the week-end’s pent-up need immediately, but this time around we both declare how fatigued our company is and determine to take a nap rather. She will get on her hips, unties my shoelaces, and removes my personal sneakers, then my personal clothing, after that my pants. We relax during intercourse and drift off within a few minutes.

12 p.m.

We wake up slowly after some extends, cuddles, and kisses. Just-the-tip is a casino game we have been playing for over annually: It begins with one of our on the job additional’s crotch, next on each other individuals’ lips, and much more … when we feel just like finishing, cool; otherwise, it really is fuel for later. Today’s just-the-tip started together to my nerves, followed by a test drive of a unique vacation pillow that should provide the appropriate force on her behalf clit while we gradually enter the lady from behind. I hear the pace of the woman respiration speed up, which (over)excites myself, and I also explode four days of my saved-up juices within her. “Sorry, baby,” I state currently preparing the way I’ll finish the lady down later on, ideally before we allow on our bike drive.

1 p.m.

Five-minute morning meal requires about ten minutes these days it is because tasty as always. We nearly succeed through morning meal before she comes across the table and sits on my lap. She’s nevertheless inside her nighty and I also’m nevertheless within my boxer briefs. Kisses on her behalf cheek become kisses on the throat followed closely by hard nipples, damp hands, and then we’re right back at it. The chair starts creating some noises, so I go you toward chair, position is a bit shameful, and … really, just-the-tip.

2 p.m.

We put on some garments and place out on the bicycle drive, looking to create within the Manhattan Bridge. Finally time we set-out about journey we ended at 169 club in Chinatown, had various products (additionally had intercourse for the bathroom), and do not managed to get over the link. This time we’ll hold back until we are in Brooklyn before any shenanigans start.

3 p.m.

Entered the bridge, although operating through Downtown Brooklyn she shows we go to a playground — “tend to be we close to Prospect Park?” I instantly think that she wants to christen a new playground on all of our sex-in-a-public-park one-year anniversary. We afterwards learn which wasn’t possible, but intercourse in a public playground is a good idea, so that it becomes the mid-day’s new order of company. 1st place fails: We find an exclusive clearing with logs only to have hikers and joggers stumble through (luckily, before we got started). Right back throughout the bicycles on the lookout for a much better place. About a quarter-hour later, jackpot: a vintage forest only above a clearing from the specialty-bike path. “Pick a switch,” we tell her, and she accumulates a long, twisted part. “flex over and set the hands on that tree” are instructions we give before I start beating her with this branch. I lean in a tiny bit, understanding that it affects, nevertheless the noise she’s creating are combined with arousal. “One more,” I tell the girl before you make the woman jump on her legs and get my cock in her mouth area. Minutes later, I sit on the floor, thin resistant to the tree and she mounts myself. She must’ve already been rather worked up because she begins to blast a load a short while later and it also continues sometime. I complete about one minute after the lady, we get upwards, dirt our selves off, even though using a picture from the area beneath the forest, a hiker pops into the clearing near to all of us, seems more than, next walks out. Fortuitous time, once more.

5 p.m.

Kept the playground at beer-thirty and went to the Branded Saloon. Beer, pickle-backs, deep-fried pickles, an instant trip to the restroom, and off to next bar.

6:30 p.m.

Subsequent club, then another (snobby waiters and bartenders functioning Prospect Heights held united states going), in which we grab the usual shitty-beer-and-shitty-whiskey combination. She tells me about her weekend. I display the shows of mine. We choose head back up to Manhattan to B-Side, the club we found final Memorial time and additionally first got it in. Enable it to be truth be told there just before evening. Have actually certain drinks and decide to rush up to Taverna Kyclades.

10:30 p.m.

After reminding the number that they close at 11 p.m. and pleading making use of team, we to use the club. We miss out the Sea Penis (Octopus) and pick Greek salad and saganaki. Less good as Astoria but adequate to avoid the ride over here.

11:30 p.m.

Back at the woman apartment. We’re skipping the journey uptown to my personal spot and staying at hers. I convince the girl to not wash my personal shorts (dirty from walking and sex within the forests) and we strike the sack in both’s hands. I whisper “Everyone loves you” quasi-silently into her ear like I do every evening i am along with her.

DAY a couple

11:00 a.m.

I miss the lady. We came across last Christmas in a bar in Chelsea — quick cam and exchanged tips. Ended up we’re both from California. When I was walking out, she got myself therefore made out so as that she “could find out if this will be as nice as i believe it’s going to be.” We at first agreed that each union is an unbarred one before you decide it is not. I didn’t expect you’ll end up being very impressed by her — but then a couple of months later on, we failed to wish to be along with other individuals. We are dedicated and monogamous, and it’s best.

9:00 p.m.

Failed to see both. Worst day of my personal few days.


11:00 a.m.

Working, working, operating. I compose computer software and work with start-ups.

9:00 p.m.

Did not see one another. Now the worst day’s my personal few days.

time FOUR

5 p.m.

“could i contact you with a development Q?” she texts. “naturally,” we react. Spent 20 minutes or more discussing work material before informing her, “i am aware it had been just Monday since I saw you, but it feels like nowadays is actually Friday which was actually Sunday.”

11 p.m.

“Hey love. In the Phoenix now. Yes, it is queer pong evening. Will book you as I’m home,” I text their. “state hi towards gender chair for me personally!” she texts. The Phoenix inside East Village could be the beginning we’d intercourse publicly.

2 a.m.

“Residence, love. Good-night. Love you.” It really is my finally text from the night, one i send once I’m some boozy therefore she knows I am not in a gutter somewhere.


10 a.m.

Security goes off and that I’m upwards simply to send a working-from-home message to the office before any person miracles where I am. I swear We counted 5 to 6 beverages yesterday, but i am feeling think its great had been 3 times much. In the beginning I do not bear in mind basically texted while I had gotten house, but I believe a lot better about my night as I discover that i did so. Many work items to care for, after that some chores, all while wanting to change from feeling 50 percent and hung-over to 100 percent and prepared for Governors baseball.

10:12 a.m.

“Hope you are since sexy when I am,” she texts me personally. Man, I really really need to get to 100 % before she gets here! Finally work telephone call during the day … check. Unique sneakers the week-end to my feet … check.

2:37 p.m.

“Jumping in the bath,” I text their. “Will try to let my self around!” she replies.

3 p.m.

Halfway through my bath I notice the girl enter. “Bueno,” I yell through the shower. She walks into the restroom and provides me a kiss before enabling myself wind up. I finish, dry my self, clean my teeth, and peek down. “You’re still dressed in clothes? Just what shit?”

3:30 p.m.

We don’t also make it to the bedroom. She straddles myself to my couch and comes fairly damn difficult.

8:30 p.m.

On all of our method to see Robyn, we notice a Vitamin liquid tent that’s already zipped upwards. We look below and provide her a peek that states, “we will end up being fucking right here quickly.” Restroom journey — then, whenever we believed no one had been searching, we ducked under one side. Kissing triggered my personal hand under her outfit, and just before she got on the knees, to simply take my penis within her mouth area, some women on the other hand in the tent yell, “Oh my Jesus!” That they had peeked in and seen you. Then they allow, so we’re right back at it. We hold slipping, however before five to ten minutes of getting-it-in. “That still counts, infant,” we inform their. We leave without remembering to place a commemorative sticker on anything.

11 p.m.

We obtain house therefore’re both exhausted. I finally declare that I’ve felt like crap for hours on end. We undress to get into bed. A kiss, another, arms walk, however ask: “Just-the-tip?” We start reduce with me over the top, then agree to end — but neither folks would like to. I flip this lady over, seize the coconut petroleum, and it really is rectal. Both of us are apparently involved with it for a half hour before I ask, “are you currently shut?” “No, this will be for your needs,” she responds. “forget about that. That is for both of us,” we say before we end. We clean up, after that go to bed … for real now.

time SIX

11:15 a.m.

Just-the-tip begins. We begin by licking all of our hands and working both’s crotches, subsequently she mounts me personally, starting sluggish after that functioning as much as faster thrusts. I’m attempting to fight off the impression but she reminds myself, “this is not the sole time we are sex today, child …” so I shed myself personally.

12:30 p.m.

Looks like she kept her birth control in the home in Chelsea, therefore we need detour south before going to Gov Ball. Now is actually a very wedding day for me personally: This is the first time i’ll simply take euphoria, and that I’m 40 years old. We’d decided that I’d put my personal E-cherry at Gov Ball in February. I’m a tiny bit nervous since she explained it is just a bit of a truth serum and I also’m still attempting to (kinda) ensure that it stays cool around their.

3:45 p.m.

Arrive, seize some meals (black-bean taquitos) and an alcohol, then make guaranteed to swing by the Vitamin liquid tent to slap a sticker about it.

4:26 p.m.

She distracts the Vitamin liquid woman while we pull-out two products. “Cheers, child,” she says, and we also each take one. We have time to destroy before De La Soul.

5:51 p.m.

De Los Angeles Soul takes the level minutes before every thing hits myself. “Wooowwww! Holy shit, this feels amazing! Oh my God!” I state, with all the greatest smile. The next time is actually magical. A couple of minutes later, after she acknowledges that she’s feeling the same, we kiss … oahu is the most useful kiss of my entire life. I am not certain I even had gender that is as nice as this kiss. It continues anywhere between 20 mere seconds and 20 minutes. Certainly not yes.

7 p.m.

De Los Angeles Soul provides finished and then we’re both just a little … wow. We stumble toward the center of the festival, prevent to just take photos of a team of individuals, therefore starts to rain. No, it starts to put. She sees a picnic dining table and proposes we hide under it. We are getting soaked, but we get the (old, coconut-oil-stained) sheet we introduced and cover it all around. It is something such as a childhood fort. We are truth be told there for just two and half many hours till the rain puts a stop to. Eventually men and women return out and they are taking walks, standing, and resting everywhere earlier actually starts to pour once again — but we’re here by yourself, exactly the a couple of you. I can’t help but admit every experience and desire I’ve had since fulfilling the lady.

9:30 to 10 p.m.

We see M83, and, yes, they perform that tune that everybody understands and put it early. The shots are still playing, therefore we wander over indeed there. We arrive to know their unique finally five songs, four that were the only real songs we realized. Yay!

time SEVEN

12 a.m.

We become home, take a seat on the couch, and wind along the night by using two edibles we got from a girl seeing from Colorado we met monthly earlier in the day. “Did you just say I like you?” she requires, since I have recently admitted to her that I whisper it in her ear canal each night. “No, baby. This happens to be the actual only real time that I didn’t state it.” She kisses myself good-night, shuts her eyes, and I also whisper within her ear, “Everyone loves you.”

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